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Thanks for stopping by! Since you’re here, and we’re gonna be friends and all, let me start off by telling you a little be about the King and Me. We are Anzari and LaTrisha Rankin, and we are the parents of two amazing young men. Like many people, our journey has had some difficulties, but by the grace of God, we’re still here.

In 2006, we moved to the Mid-south. It was a good move, except, it took us away from our family/support system. Back then, our jobs made it difficult to spend a lot of family time together. Anzari was a teacher and a middle school and high school football coach with a very demanding schedule, and my engineering job didn’t seem to care that I had small children and the powers-that-be had slated to put me in a position that would have me gone four nights a week for at least a year. Uh, no. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when my oldest son, who was around five at the time, asked me why he and his brother didn’t get to see us anymore. That was it. I had a little talk with God and then with my husband, and we made the decision that I would stay at home. A few years later, our youngest son was diagnosed with Autism which made us even more solid in our decision.

Now, don’t go thinking that it was all peaches and cream to be able to stay at home because it wasn’t. It was more like peach pits and curdled milk, but with God using the experience to groom and grow our faith, we were able to plant those pits and watch them turn in to trees and turn that curdled milk into yogurt for our parfaits. Won’t He do it? Yes, He will!

Now, Anzari and I are soon-to-be empty nesters. With two high schoolers who are no longer climbing on mama and daddy asking us to fix noodles and sandwiches, we have more time on our hands to focus on each other. Unfortunately for me, this extra time allows me the freak out about the fact that my babies are leaving. Anzari seems to have an empty nest to-do list, so I guess I can look forward to checking off those items with him.

Eating out has always been something that we’ve loved to do. Even when times were hard, God always seemed to provide money for us to enjoy our favorite restaurants. I’m grateful because it always seemed to help lift our spirits. What quickly deflated our lifted spirits, though, was getting good reviews about food and restaurants that we found to be terrible and spending our precious coinage on food we hated.

Whenever we travel, we seem to be most excited about what we’re going to eat, so we always review an area’s restaurants before we leave home. We’ve come to find that people in different areas seemed to have different ideas about what’s good. Coming from Mississippi, we’re use to bold flavors, soulful dishes, and desserts that we hope to find somebody’s foot off in. SIDE NOTE: For non-southerners, when someone’s foot is found in a dish, please be assured there are no body parts found in the actual dish. It simply means that the person put his or her all into making the dish delicious and succeeded in doing just that.

We decided to start giving our take on the foods and restaurants we try to see if we might be able to help save you guys some of the disappointment we’ve experienced. I do understand that all taste preferences are not created equal, and you guys might have a different take on a restaurant and/or dish we’ve reviewed, so feel free to leave us comments. Also, be sure to leave give us suggestions on places you’d like to see us review. We look forward to you going on this culinary road trip with us.

Thanks again for stopping by!

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