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Rating System

What are we looking for?

Ratings are assigned to the following elements:
  • Taste- Do the ingredients mesh well? Are the textures working for or against the dish? Are our taste buds singing a beautiful chorus, or are we left begging them for forgiveness?
  • Overall – The overall rating includes atmosphere, cleanliness, and menu options along with value, taste, and service.

Side note: When referring to value, we are looking at serving size and freshness vs. cost. It’s no secret that the King is pretty “thrifty”, but neither of us minds paying a little more for filling portions, quality ingredients in food made from scratch, and good memories that will last a lifetime.

How we rate

We score each element on a five point scale:

  • 5: As close to perfection as human hands can get. All flavors are balanced and textures are as they should be. Each ingredient added for taste can be tasted. The dish is Crave-able.
  • 4: Really good, though it may or may not be crave-able. The dish is seasoned and cooked well, but there may be one or two things either lacking or overdone.
  • 3: Just okay. It may be good enough to eat again, but we definitely don’t HAVE to have it.
  • 2: We made it through it — barely. The dish is either missing the mark in multiple places, or REALLY terrible in one.
  • 1: Edible enough to know it’s food. A total miss. We couldn’t even finish it. Throw the whole dish away.
  • 5: An amazing experience. All elements and details have been carefully thought through and executed very well. Clean, well-decorated interior (decor matches restaurant’s vibe). Friendly, attentive, top-notch service. Great food. Comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Great value.
  • 4: Three of the following done really well – Clean, Friendly service, Great food, Comfortable atmosphere. Great value.
  • 3: Average experience. Nothing done exceptionally well but nothing lacking.
  • 2: We survived the experience but probably won’t be suffering through another one unless the food was amazing — then we can just order the food and eat it at home. Three or more of the following- Rude service, unkempt interior, bad food, too expensive.
  • 1: Definitely NOT returning. Rude service, unkempt interior, gross food, AND too expensive.
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